How do I sort a structure?

Use the built in ColdFusion structSort() function.

foo = structNew();
StructInsert(foo, "a", "this");
StructInsert(foo, "b", "is");
StructInsert(foo, "c", "a");
StructInsert(foo, "d", "test"); 

StructSort() returns an array of top-level key names (strings).


You can also sort parent structures based on their child structures. For example, the following example will sort all of the people in foo by their age:

<cfset foo = structNew()>
<cfset foo.raymond = structNew()>
<cfset foo.raymond.age =9>
<cfset foo.raymond.lastname = "Camden">
<cfset foo.jeremy = structNew()>
<cfset foo.jeremy.age =10>
<cfset foo.jeremy.lastname = "Petersen">
<cfset foo.joe = structNew()>
<cfset foo.joe.age =12>
<cfset foo.joe.lastname = "Test">
<cfoutput>#arrayToList(structSort(foo, "numeric", "asc", "age"))#</cfoutput>

This question was written by Jeremy Petersen
It was last updated on May 15, 2006.


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