How do I return a query from an Excel file?

NOTE: To use the below solution, your ColdFusion server must allow you to create Java objects. Many shared hosts do not allow this.

Java's JDBC ODBC allows you to connect to a Microsoft Excel file. Then using Java's SQL classes we are able to query this file and return certain tables to a ColdFusion query object.

This function returns the ColdFusion query object so that you may use the methodology of "Query of Queries" to return the data that you need.

A possible location for this function would be inside a CFC labeled MicrosoftUtil.cfc or something equally descriptive.

<cffunction name="getExcelSheet" access="public" output="false" returntype="query">
		<cfargument name="filename" required="true" type="string" />
		<cfargument name="sheetName" required="true" type="string" />
			var c = "";
			var stmnt = "";
			var rs = "";
			var sql = "Select * from [#sheetName#$]";
			var myQuery = "";
			arguments.filename = expandPath(arguments.filename);
			if(len(trim(arguments.filename)) and fileExists(arguments.filename)){
					c = CreateObject("java","java.sql.DriverManager").getConnection("jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};DBQ=" & arguments.filename );
					stmnt = c.createStatement();
					rs = stmnt.executeQuery(sql);
					myQuery = CreateObject('java','coldfusion.sql.QueryTable').init(rs);
				}catch(any e){
					// error-handling code
			return myQuery;

To use the function simply use the following syntax:


Where myFile.xls is a relative path to your Excel file and productsSheet is the name of the sheet inside the Excel file that you would like to return.

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It was last updated on February 9, 2007.


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