This category focuses on working with dates and times in ColdFusion. Common problems faced by developers, such as printing dates and times in different ways, determining the difference between two dates, and dealing with dates/times in non-English locales are all explored in detail.


How do I check if a date is in the current century?

How do I format an Active Directory Timestamp?

How do I retrieve the dates for specific days of the week for all months in a year, and put them into an array?

How do you determine the beginning of a given week?

You have a date and time in Epoch seconds that you would like to convert to a date/time object.

You have a date, time, or both and you need to convert it to Epoch seconds.

You have a string, such as user input, that you need to convert to a date/time object.

You have two dates/times you want to compare.

You need to create a date/time object.

You need to determine the difference between two dates or times.

You need to determine whether a string or numeric value is a valid date object.

You need to extract the day/month/year/hour/minute/second (DMYHMS), day of the week/year, week number, or quarter from a date/time object.

You need to format a date/time object.

You need to get the current date/time from the server.

You want to add to or subtract from a date/time object.